Mr. President of Al-Karkh University of Science meets with the Follow-up Committee for Preparations for...

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Updated   06/08/2020 12:43 PM

The President of Al-Karkh University for Science, Prof. Dr. Thamer Abdul Amir Hasan, held a meeting with the Preparatory Committee for the Second International Conference of Al-Karkh University of Science to set the date for the start of the second international conference of the University, in the presence of the assistants of the President of Al-Karkh University for Administrative and Scientific Affairs, the Head of the Quality Assurance and University Performance Department and a number of university teaching staff.


During the meeting, the university’s preparations for the establishment of the conference and following up the progress of the organizational procedures for the organizational and coordination committees were discussed. The President of the University directed the necessity of completing the conference brochure and allocating an email and a special website to view the details of the conference.







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