Al-Karkh University of Science announces the date and brochure of the second international scientific...

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Updated   26/07/2020 11:54 AM

Under the slogan (scientific research ... an essential pillar for building a sustainable Iraq)

Karkh University of Science is pleased to announce the date and brochure of the second international scientific conference for pure and applied sciences in cooperation with the Association of Materials Science and Engineering and Nanotechnology - Iraq Branch. Entitled:

International Scientific Conference ISC - KUS 2020


(Towards an outstanding and innovative scientific research in pure and applied sciences)

Accordingly, your university, Al-Karkh University of Sciences, invites all specialists in the fields of science, including academics, professors, researchers and scholars, to participate in this conference, which will be held from 4-5 in December 2020.

The conference will provide a great opportunity for professionals in pure and applied sciences to exchange experiences, innovations, achievements and knowledge.


It will bring together academics, researchers, and practicing professionals, and based on the work of Al-Harkh University for Science to work on creating scientific disciplines that are almost uniquely to support and meet the needs of the labor market of those disciplines, to achieve and complete its scientific mission in promoting and supporting scientific research in a way that serves the national development process, where the conference aims to me:

1- Providing networking opportunities and documenting the scientific communication among researchers within the various scientific disciplines of the conference.

2- Knowing the scientific developments in the various sciences presented through the conference axes.

3- Work to enhance and consolidate scientific cooperation between academic institutions and public and private sector institutions related to the topics of the conference.

4- Promote and support scientific research as a societal priority, especially applied scientific research.

5- Study and direct scientific research issues to serve the national development process.

The organizing committee receives the researches and their summaries in the following period:

The deadline for submitting the abstract is 1/9/2020

The deadline for submitting the research is 25/10/2020

Announcement of acceptance of the research 15/11/2020

The last date for receipt of patents is 25/10/2020






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